One of the 7 core principles of the 35 Day Detox is our physical fitness

One of the 7 core principles of the 35 Day Detox is our physical fitness

Here at 35 Day Detox, we are interested in energy in all forms.  By seeing the body as the physical representation of our present energetic state we gain insight into our overall wellbeing.  All those aches and pains and injuries tell a story.  Louise Hay wrote the ground-breaking book “Heal your Body” way back in the 1980s, and we have been expanding on the connections between mind, body and soul ever since. 

Fitness will mean different things to different people – here we are not looking at the "run a marathon" level, more the "I can do what I need with ease and enjoy my day" level of fitness.  Fitness not only improves quality of life; it boosts immunity and generally results in less sick days too.

Illness or injury robs us of incremental levels of fitness and before we know it a downward spiral has been created, and we are settling for less in all areas of our life.  The first signs of an overall lack of physical fitness show up in subtle ways and make life harder than it needs to be.

Some examples are:
Mobility- difficulty reaching overhead, turning to see in the car, or getting in and out of the car.
Strength - lifting items, standing or walking for periods of time without fatigue.
Balance - putting shoes on whilst standing, saving yourself from a fall.

From an energetic perspective, those tight shoulders relate to a lifetime of carrying the weight of other people’s expectations, knees represent a hesitation to move forward with your life, and lower back pain, of being out of alignment with your soul’s purpose.


Daily Yoga or Gym Routine

Yoga is a great tool to address these things and help improve quality of life.  In yoga we focus on strengthening a part of the body and stretching it’s opposite (e.g.; hamstrings/quads, core/lower back) in each pose.  And as we do that, we unblock the energy lines and in turn create flow and balance within the body.  This doesn’t need to be a class – creating your own routine of 10 minutes daily will make a huge difference.  Equally important is taking the time to rest and rejuvenate as this is where healing at a cellular level takes place.

Overall fitness is a combination of factors; including cardio, endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.  It’s what we need to get through our day without undue fatigue or pain.  As we lead increasingly sedentary lives the danger is that less is required from our body and more from our mind.  That is – until a situation comes up that requires our physical fitness – and it’s no longer available.


It’s having the personal power to complete tasks.  Strength relates to mindset as well as physical strength.  Core strength is a very important part of our ability to cope with whatever life throws at us.  Directly linked to the Third Chakra (our sense of Self), as we build strength with a 35 Day Detox Yoga Plank Challenge we learn to stand in our power.  And no matter where we start – there is always improvements available to us. 

An interesting observation of women who after childbirth lose their core strength and their corresponding sense of individual power.  Getting physically fit is part of the magic to regaining confidence and self-empowerment.



We just need to watch young children to see the way our body was designed to function.  Maybe we can’t rock out the splits any day soon.  But we can at least halt the atrophy.  A simple morning routine that includes twists will “floss” the muscles and connective tissue, and start the energy moving.


Balance is the confidence to hold our ground.  The ability to focus and concentrate.
Standing on one leg daily begins the process of connecting the neural pathways from the foot to the brain (and all points in-between).  


Body/Mind Connection

When we choose a path of health and wellbeing, exercise and fitness become an important part of the equation.  Unfortunately, it’s a trick of the mind that we generally choose that which maintains the status quo.  There is always a vested interest in staying with the familiar – or that which we are good at – which results in frustration due to lack of overall progress. 

Also, as we lose the connection between the mind and body, we miss the feedback signals.  This causes us to look externally for information/validation as to what and when we should be exercising to get fit.  However, what works for one person will not work for another!



If we aren’t fit for the activities of the day then we have limits/blockages.  Not just in a physical sense, but also in terms of our current life experience.  Blocks first manifest as inflammation, which leads to injury and, if not reversed, the disease will follow.

A steady flow of energy is required to move forward with our lives.  Maintenance (or decline) is not the goal, we need to be trying new experiences, stepping into our full potential. 

In Summary

We seek wellbeing, in order to achieve peace and harmony in our lives.  To do that we cannot ignore the physical representation (our body).  It is the vehicle we are driving – the only one available to us.  And if we continue to be disconnected from the body, and (primarily) operate from the mind-space we will be in a constant battle with ourselves and our external environment.  Being physically fit will give you that sense of ease.  It is never too late to revitalise your life – and daily exercise is one of the principal ways of achieving wellbeing.



Suz Stokes

Founder, 35 Day Detox


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