It's All in the Family

Renowned local Artist Lyndon Stokes was born with a paintbrush in his mouth. Both his parents were professional artists exposing Lyndon to a life-long passion for art. But his natural talent goes far beyond mere genetics, this gifted artist has his own unique style that has proven successful here and overseas.

He originally started working with acrylics, but 20 years ago became a convert and a master of oil paint. Lyndon discovered that oils provided that X-factor quality of rich translucent layers of colour which added an almost 3-D depth to his work. His passion for oceans and water of all kinds, along with a quirky surrealist approach, has delighted clients and given his canvasses a broad appeal.

If you want to see more of his work see Lyndon’s website  or contact Lyndon at to arrange a private viewing.

Lyndon Stokes Artist 2.jpg
Lyndon Stokes Artist 3.jpg
Lyndon Stokes Artist 4.jpg
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Lexus drives decarbonisation of car market

Lexus drives decarbonisation of car market