Kiwi Business Network - Business Profile 'Tinker Tailor'

Kiwi Business Network - Business Profile 'Tinker Tailor'

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It’s been a busy couple of years or so for Tinker Tailor Brewing.  At the beginning of 2017 we were little more than an idea for a production craft brewery, a 23 litre brew kit, and some great recipes. We had no building, no equipment and no name. 

Since then we’ve made Plimmerton our home, got our 2400 litre brew-house up and running, and worked hard to develop branding that differentiates us in the somewhat crowded craft beer market. 

Building our brewery occupied most of 2017. Early in the year we secured an excellent location in Ulric St, in the heart of the Plimmerton industrial estate, right next to state highway 1, with a brand new building large enough to accommodate all of our dreams! And then we were off. Our custom-designed brewery equipment was delivered the same week as our first public outing at Beervana. And we’ve been moving full speed ever since. 

Getting hold of Tinker Tailor beers

We sell kegs into bars around Wellington and the lower North Island, including featuring regularly at locals such as Whitby Co-op, D4 Mana, and The Borough in Tawa. Having lovingly restored out bottling machine, we are now rolling out bottled beers into supermarkets, liquor stores and other retailers locally.  

Just over a year ago we opened the Tinker Tailor cellar door. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons and early evenings, this has provided a great way of connecting directly with our customers and the community. We offer free samples, the chance to discuss beer with the actual brewers, and a sneak peek in behind the scenes of a working brewery. You can then head off home with a rigger, or two, of brewery-fresh beer. 

Once a month, on Saturdays during the warmer months of the year we turn our carpark into a courtyard – we put up the gazebos, tables and chairs, and invite a local food truck. Bring your family (and the dog) and hang out in the sun – this time providing an opportunity to relax and have a beer on-site. Heaps of fun! 

What is Tinker Tailor?

Our Tinker Tailor brand story offers something a little different in the market – craft beer with a distinctly split personality. We embrace the excitement of trying something new, as well as the comfort of a familiar brew. Our ‘twice as good’ brand story invites almost infinite creativeness.

We celebrate both curiosity and craft, perfection and play, proven experience and playful experimentation.

From a classic IPA to the much loved American Pale Ale – Tailor’s range is timeless, tried and true. Reliable and refined. On the other hand Tinker’s brews are quirky and innovative -  a little bit experimental, a little bit mischievous.  

The Tailor’s range allows the skill of our brewers to shine through with utterly perfect, well balanced beers that become your go-to drink of choice. The other side of the story is that you never know what the Tinker will create next – maximising anticipation for the next Tinker beer out of the vats!

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