At the core of the 35 Day Detox is the Lunar Cycle

At the core of the 35 Day Detox is the Lunar Cycle


From our perspective on Earth each 29.5 days our Moon completes her lunar cycle.  The cycle could be considered the dance between the Moon and the Sun, each has its moment to shine, with balance between action/doing and chilling/allowing the ultimate goal.  This is Lunar Astrology, and the natural energy rhythm of the Universe that we are seeking to align with.  Our ancestors did this, and by doing so, they were tapping into the correct time to undertake various tasks – creating a greater chance of achieving success. 

Moon Cycle

The four main points (phases) of the lunar cycle are approximately a week apart. 

  • new moon

  • first quarter

  • second quarter (aka full moon)

  • third quarter (aka last quarter)

Note:  Our western calendar is not aligned with the actual phases.  Also there is a further 4 mid-points between these main points are not covered here.  If we can identify these points each month we are well on the way to working with the energy rather than battling against it.  No longer is this information just found in the gardening magazines – there are apps!

The Moon represents the feminine (receptive, yin) and the Sun represents the masculine (action, yang).  Taking Earth to represent the Human (physical body) we can see the dynamics of the lunar cycle unfold.  First the Earth completely blocks the Sun from the Moon; we are in the dark about what is causing our actions.  Then by the full moon the full reflection of the Sun is on the Moon and beaming towards us.  That which was previously hidden becomes known and we can process and release it.  Lastly the Earth once again steps between and we sink back into the unknown, changed, but ready to evolve.


New Moon

The actual day of the new moon marks the beginning point of the new cycle.  It comes with some news that makes you re-evaluate the month ahead.  Think of being dealt a new hand of cards.  Don’t carry the old hand forward, ditch it and start afresh.  In the days following there is a rising of energy and a chance to do something different, break free of a routine or habit.

Rituals:  Throw away (or turn the page) on your intention/action list.  Sweep the front entrance and clear the stagnant/old energy from your home.

First Quarter

The first quarter is the mid-point between new and full moon.  It is a time when energy is still building.  If you haven’t started a task that you intended, then expect a kick (in the form of synchronicity) to get you moving.  You can also be tested for your commitment to the changes you have initiated.  Recognise it as just a test and pass with flying colours.

Full Moon

Approximately two weeks after the new moon will be the full moon.  That’s the peak energy point of the cycle and can be an emotional time for approximately 2 – 3 days.  This especially true as we have been actively working to release stuff that no longer serves us.

Rituals:  Sleep with the curtains open to allow the moonlight to bath you, this will bring you more in tune with the natural rhythms at play here.  Recharge crystals in the moonlight.  Burn sage or incense to clear the energies from your environment.

Last Quarter

The week following the full moon is when the energy is still strong and we have clarity, perhaps seeing our true purpose for the first time.  We identify changes we wish to make.  Sit with them as they form the foundation of the next cycle.   A few days later the energy starts to reduce.  We can best use this time to complete tasks already underway.  A word of warning – if there is something that you are avoiding – expect the last quarter moon to deliver a mini-crisis that compels you to do that which is being avoided.

The Moon travels through the Zodiac

Within the 29.5 days the Moon moves through all the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Spending between 1 – 3 days in each sign.  Many of us have times of the month when we feel empowered (crossing our sun sign), and then inexplicitly low (perhaps the transformative part of your chart).  Knowing these points explains those feelings and can allow us to ride the wave without being caught in a downward spiral of despair.

The Moon in the Sky

Looking up at the night sky and seeing the moon daily helps us connect with this energy.  Most of us will have stopped and admired the full moon.  Full moons rise in the east at sunset and set just after sunrise.  The first quarter rises around midday, and the last quarter from midnight.  New moons are not visible as they rise at the same time as the sun. 

Dark of the Moon

Towards the end of the fourth week we are once again heading towards the new moon.  This is a time of rest and reflection.  It’s also when we start the 35 Day Detox Program.  Energy is low but we feel the call to make changes.  This time is best spent clearing the decks in preparation for the new cycle.  Finish what you can, tidy up your environment, and spend some time in contemplation.


Source: Suz Stokes, 35 Day Detox.

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