One of the 7 core principles of the 35 Day Detox is Eating to Heal

One of the 7 core principles of the 35 Day Detox is Eating to Heal


For a moment look at the physical being as a combination of the 4 astrological elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) that are represented in all of nature.  Like Mother Nature we are seeking to bring ourselves into balance, why, because at the balance point is equilibrium (peace).  For example:  Too much Fire and we are hyper (or angry), too much Earth and we can be the couch potato (or the rock everyone relies on), an excess of Air and we may find it hard to concentrate, and how hard is it to contain and maintain boundaries with the Water element! 

Multiple times a day we have a choice on how we fuel our body to achieve balance.  From this place of peace and stability we need energy to propel us forward.  Our energy levels are a derivative of the level of vibration we can attain/maintain.  These two factors are within our control, maybe not in a “quick-fix” sense, but with consistency anything is possible.

When we choose a path of health and wellbeing, food becomes an important part of that equation.  The foods that are best are unique to the individual and will certainly vary depending on the state of health, season and stage of life.  The key point is to consciously choose what we eat, understanding where we are at, and where we want to be.

Hippocrates may or may not have said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, however it makes sense that we would consume food to heal as it has the 4 elements we are seeking. 

That being said, we need them as close to their natural state (raw or lightly cooked, local and in season).  Chemicals and processed products – are food-like only – and we’re sure that wasn’t what Hippocrates was thinking when he uttered those words.

Eat the (Chakra) Rainbow

As left-field as it may sound our unseen energy points (chakras) can benefit from the physical form of food.  When you are feeling run down, low in confidence, overworked or defeated then reach for vegetables.  Check out the35 Day Detox website recipe section for foods to heal

Red and the 1st Chakra

  • The 1st Chakra is called the root chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It aids survival by overcoming fear.

  • Red fruit and vegetables help ground us in the physical and provide feelings of safety and security.

  • The red colour contains phytochemicals generally thought to help plants thrive or thwart competitors, predators, or pathogens.

  • Eat Beetroot to supercharge healing this energy centre.

Orange and the 2nd Chakra

  • The 2nd Chakra is located below the navel. It is associated with all things emotional.

  • Orange fruit and vegetables are packed with carotenoids which absorb light energy and protect.

  • Eat Carrots to connect with this energy in a balanced way, and Oranges to aid healing.

Yellow and the 3rd Chakra

  • The 3rd Chakra is located at the solar plexus. It is rules power and will.

  • Yellow fruit and vegetables are generally backed with Vitamin C, strengthening our immunity.

  • Eat Lemons and Ginger to boost with this energy and fire up your digestive system.

Green and the 4th Chakra

  • Leafy Greens and the Heart Chakra. Who hasn’t experienced heart-break – and who doesn’t need more leafy greens in their diet?

  • Green fruits and vegetables contain chlorophyll, which is loaded with the antioxidant power that promotes well-being.

  • Eat a wide variety of Leafy Greens to detoxify the body of grief.

Blue and the 5th Chakra

  • The 5th Chakra is located at the throat. It relates to our ability to communicate.

  • Blue and Purple fruits and vegetables have high levels of resveratrol, used by plants in response to attack or injury.

  • How often do we feel a sore throat coming on when we hold ourselves back?

  • Eat Blueberries to express yourself. Learn to always speak the truth.

Purple and the 6th Chakra

  • The 6th Chakra is located at the “third eye”. It relates to our intuitive thoughts.

  • Blue and Purple fruits and vegetables are the game-changer here too.

  • Maybe drink Red Wine in moderation. It’s all about perspective and balance afterall.

White and the 7th Chakra

  • The 7th Chakra is located at the crown of the head and connects us to the Universe.

  • White is not a colour per se. It is all colours together.

  • Eat Cauliflower for its anti-inflammatory properties and Potato for comfort.

Emotions and Food

Who hasn’t reached for the chocolate after an emotional trigger?  Sometimes we eat to supress our emotions.  Sometimes to act out an emotion we don’t have a safe outlet for.  Angry and reaching for the crunchy bag of chips, need a hug and reaching for the bread or donut, or salty may mean it’s time to take a break and reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature. 

Energy and vibration

All foods have a vibration based on their element make-up. Here at 35 Day Detox we are all about using the lunar cycle to connect to the waxing and waning energies.  Picking foods that raise our vibration when energy is low (for example before the new moon) and foods that balance our energies at other times.


Choose to Eat to Heal

The good news is that our choices are just that – a choice – that can change at any time!  And so do our taste-buds.  We can rewire our minds to enjoy healthier, it’s a combination of time and intention.  And if the reason is strong enough we can endure the medicine – whatever it may be.


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